Keeping your site in good working order

Basic website

Basic website management covers all the essentials you need.

Affordable Management

You may not need a full-blown comprehensive website management plan. This is why basic website management is the perfect choice for you. Still highly effective and covers multiple areas essential to your business website.

Editing Existing Content. Editing your website and getting those changes done promptly is a must. You get timely updated content edits in multiple areas.

System Updates. Keeping your website in good working order is essential. Weekly scheduled tasks are carried out. WordPress new releases, plugin upgrades and site-wide compatibility are kept up to date in line with the new technology releases.

Security. Your site gets backed up so that in the event that something ever went wrong or your website was compromised. You get peace of mind knowing your entire site can be restored to the last backed up version.

Adding New Content. Whenever you need you can have new pages, visuals, posts and content created. Plus all new content is kept in line with your brand style for consistency. 

Performance. Website performance is crucial on a number of levels that make a difference. Page speed loading times are regularly kept at optimal levels particularly on mobile. This results in good user experience across many platforms.

Pricing. Great value website management at 25 euro per week.


Ten Website Management Benefits

  • Better results
  • Faster website
  • Mobile optimised
  • Better ranking
  • Performance
  • Better usability
  • Peace of mind
  • Cost-effective
  • Gain a smart partner
  • Security
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