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SEO Knowledge & Insights for SME’S in Ireland.

SEO Ireland

This page is a journal created to provide high quality content and insights on SEO for the Irish market place online.

This page is a journal created to provide high quality content and insights on SEO for the Irish market place online.

A high click through rate is a ranking signal in Google. With some not too complicated tweaks your site can increase the amount of clicks you get.

Optimising your title tag and meta description in the search results for higher CTR can be done in a number of effective ways that will send a strong signal to Google that this listing result is relevant.

DATE . 22 . 11 . 2018

SEO Ireland

In Google search in Ireland for 2019 you have to get your mobile website right in terms of user experience. It must be a responsive design, super fast and provide a great user experience.

DATE . 1 . 6 . 2019

How to get on page one

There is a big difference between first page and second page listing of your website. According to Moz 71% percent of clicks come from first page returns.


In this post we spell it out. What works and what does not. The areas to focus your SEO energy on and other activities, well let’s just say that you do not need to obsess over.

DATE . 1 . 6 . 2019

DATE . 1 . 9 . 2018

Site Speed Optimisation

Speed up your WordPress website like a rocket! To the kind of speeds it should be at.

Faster websites get returned higher over the other sites, both on mobile search and desktop. Google has publicly stated that faster website are a ranking signal.

SEO Insights

The journal has short, easy to understand language, with posts being published on aspects to do with SEO Ireland. regularly on a consistent basis. Learn about SEO tips, how good user experience makes a difference, the importance of high quality content and a wide range of SEO techniques that can be utilised to bring in more business. Uncomplicated language giving insights to business owners.

Along with our SEO Journal we recommend having a look at this resource by Rand Fiskin.

SEO Services

If you have read the journal and you want to take the next step by finding an SEO expert, then you can hire our SEO services here.

The areas the we work on are, onpage optimisation, maximising your local search results in local directories and Google My Business. We look at and implement onpage optimisation, site speed improvements, rich snippets, quality content, linking internal and external, mobile search, voice search and keyword analysis for Irish search.

You can also hire us for help in setting up Google Adwords campaigns which can run along side any natural organic optimisation.

DATE . 02 . 09 . 2018

Why do voice search now?

Comscore predicts that by 2020 fifty percent of search queries will be conducted using voice search. Having your website optimised even now can result in tapping into the 25% voice search statistics by mobile users currently.

DATE . 11 . 01 . 2019

Engaging An SEO Specialist

Insights and what to expect when engaging an SEO specialist. What steps are taken, pricing structure and other aspects.

DATE . 02 . 11 . 2018

Localise search

Its a fact that 45% of all Google searches are local. However 60% of local business have not even claimed their business on Google.

What the heck is a rich snippet?!

Rich snippets are very important in a number of ways for your SEO. Rich snippets function to present users with additional more accurate information in the Google search return listings. If you have rich snippets set up and that reflects what your page is about can lead to more traffic and clicks to your website.

DATE . 1 . 6 . 2019